Our future is in clean energy

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The clean energy economy has been an economic blessing for Kansas. Billions of dollars invested across the state are creating tens of thousands of jobs. Communities benefit. Landowners benefit. Our environment benefits.

Kansas is now a destination for companies worldwide that are harnessing the power of wind and solar energy. For the largest corporations in the United States, clean energy is now becoming mainstream. They are investing in states like Kansas with strong Renewable Portfolio Standards and stable policy environments.

If you believe that Kansas can lead the way towards a clean energy future, then please make your voice heard. If you believe that Kansas should build on the progress we’ve made together and keep moving toward expanding our clean energy economy, then your legislators in Topeka need to hear from you. Send a message of support for clean energy to your legislator.

In Kansas today, when it comes to clean energy, we are playing to our strengths. Kansas is 2nd in the nation in wind resources and top 10 for solar potential.

Kansas currently has a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) that calls on the state’s utility companies to secure 20% of their electricity from renewable resources.

The RPS has driven tremendous wind power growth accounting for more than $8 billion dollars in capital investment.

If you share our belief that renewable energy is an economic opportunity we cannot afford to waste, then now is the time to take action.


Repealing the Kansas Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) is a vote against job growth, improved health and a renewable, secure energy future for Kansas. Vote NO on HB 2373 and SB 253.

Or you can text CLEAN ENERGY to (785) 380-2255

About Kansans for Clean Energy

We are a broad coalition of agriculture, energy, environmental, and faith-based organizations from across the state educating and advocating for clean energy.

We represent thousands of members who support renewable energy for job creation, rural prosperity and a wise use of our natural resources including water and clean air.

Home-grown Kansas Energy provides a bright economic future for Kansas.

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