Hens in Wyandotte County

Call on the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/KCK to allow more residents access to the benefits of keeping hens.

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We the undersigned agree,

to call upon the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, KS to alter Unified Government Code Ordinance 0-22-03 Section 7-175 to allow more residents access to the benefits of keeping hens in the city; specifically we ask them to reduce the required distance from neighboring buildings from 100 feet to 20 feet and to reduce the required distance from the property line from 25 feet to 5 feet. This policy is in line with the Healthy Communities Wyandotte Recommendations for a Better Future, which recommends “advocacy for policy changes that make it easier to own small livestock (e.g., chickens) in the city” (October 2011).


Healthy Communities Wyandotte (HCW) has been working since 2009 to bring local residents and community leaders together to improve health. The recommendations they drafted in 2011 with nearly 100 community members, adopted by the Board of Commissioners in 2012 as the county’s blueprint for health improvement, indicate the need to increase the affordability and accessibility of nutritious food, especially in the urban core. One recommendation in particular, targeted at helping residents to cultivate healthy food where they live, promotes policy changes to allow owning hens in the city.

Hens provide a low-cost, sustainable method for easily accessing protein in the form of eggs. Wyandotte County is home to more than 18,000 people who have low access to food, according to the USDA . Allowing residents to keep hens in their backyards provides a reliable, affordable outlet for nutritious food and decreases the city’s burden to build more grocery stores and other food venues in the urban core. It also decreases stress on the area’s landfills, as chickens eat table scraps and their waste can be composted to fertilize nearby gardens. Furthermore, it reduces pollution in the city and elsewhere, as eggs grown in backyards need not be shipped in refrigerated containers across the country to consumers.

We strongly recommend that the Unified Government consider adopting a hen ordinance with setbacks similar to that of Manhattan, KS. Their ordinance allows residents to raise hens in their backyards and supplies families with a maximum of about two dozen eggs per week while also providing for the animals’ welfare and neighborhood order and cleanliness.

Sarah Israel - kansas city, KS
David Bennett - Kansas City, KS
Joanna Sabally - Kansas City, KS - "As a public health professional living in Wyandotte County, I support this law change, which would improve the accessibility of keeping hens for KCK residents. Hens are cleaner and quieter than many animals that are currently allowed, and can increase the capacity of our local food system. This is exactly what the Healthy Communities Wyandotte committee aims to do!"
Dawn Grabs - Kansas City, KS - "We have a major dog problem in our neighborhood... It's hard to believe these animals are legal when little chickens are not. Thanks"
Clare Shaw - Kansas City, KS - "I would also like special consideration to "community hen coops." These coops could be in conjunction with community gardens where there is sufficient space. Small groups could share the work as well as the eggs. "
Susan Blackman - Kansas City, KS - "Chicken poop can be quite obnoxious 20 feet from one's home. Would we need to monitor chicken coops to make sure folk are not really tending fighting cocks? In general, I support this initiative. "
Brad Grabs - Kansas City, KS - "Hens are quiet, clean, and make good pets for young children. They are easier to live near than most dogs. It makes sense to give people the option of owning a few hens. "
Barbara Bailey - Kansas City, KS
April Bowman - Kansas City , KS
Jeni Paluska Yakel - overland park, KS
Emily Farris - Kasnas City, KS - "A few well-kept hens, with no roosters, means fresh eggs (healthy protein) daily, with next-to-no noise and no nuisance. "
Jennifer Cobb - Kansas City, KS
Katie Karr - Kansas City, KS
Coleen Voeks - Kansas city, KS
Michael Van De Berghe - Kansas City, KS - "I believe current chicken laws in my area allow them but at 100 ft required from my house its too much for me. I believe they could be kept in a sanitary fashion much closer. Thank you. "
Brenda Brock - Kansas City, KS - "Yes to hens in The Dot!"
Molly Bugner - Kansas City, KS
Christine Allen - Kansas, KS - "I am grateful for the movement that you all have started I have been keeping chickens and selling eggs for several years now I stopped breifly to secure a license and permit, this was done so now I have hens and eggs if you all want some, and I will support your efforts to have this project. I am teaching until school is out, but will join your group in June, thanks for the invite. Before my marriage and as a teenager, we raised our food, we never bought chickens from fast food places, plus children need to know that chickens can be pets too. 913-575-6102, please feel free to call me any time. Christine Allen"
Peter Garcia - Kansas City, KS - "I think it is a great idea! No need for the government to regulate or dictate to us a basic right our families had many years ago. Especially if we have families wanting to provide for themselves. "
Rachel Hohendorf - Kansas City, KS - "Great idea!"
Marie Deborah Wald - Kansas City, KS - "I am in favor of hens in wyandotte county."
Tracey Murray - Kansas City, KS - "I am for people owning hens in WyCo!"
Devon Teran - Kansas City, KS
Matthew Marcus - Kansas City, KS - "Hens are a great thing for residents. Fresh eggs, and a touch of liveliness for the community. Let it be so!"
Susie Morche - Kansas City, KS
Heather Wetzel - Kansas City, KS
Tonya Gullino - Kansas City, KS
Dan Morche - kansas city, KS
Melissa Braam - Lenexa, KS
Mary Crawford - Kansas City, KS - "I want chickens!"
Jordan Crawford - Olathe, KS - "Chickens have a wonderful intrinsic value as beloved pets; and kids typically adore chickens as well :) "
Kyle Nelson - Kansas City, KS
Denise Gumm - edwardsville, KS
Rebecca Gomez - Kansas City, KS
rose johnson - kansas city, KS
Benjamin Vineyard - Kansas City, KS - "I think this is a great code ordinance shift that allows many families to raise organic, healthy produce as well as retains a respect for all neighbors and neighboring properties. "
Dedric Moore - Kansas City, KS - "let's do this!"
Amanda Miller - Bonner Springs, KS
Sarah Bautista - Effingham, KS - "Give a man an egg and he can eat a very small breakfast, let a man have chickens and there is no end to the delights he may whip up in the kitchen!!!!!"
Susanne Mahoney - Kansas City, KS - "I have been considering keeping Hens and would benefit from the change in the ordinance."
Bryce Skaggs - Kansas City, KS
Hannah Skaggs - Kansas City, KS
Ken Schefter - Olathe, KS
Heather Leffel - Overland Park, KS
nyanchiew puoch - Kansas, KS
Jose Salinas - Kansas City, KS
MARIE COMBO - Kansas City, KS - "This is needed by families which must supplement their income and provide safe, nutritious food, especially for their children. Please act immediately. Thank you."
Miro Heyink - Kansas City, KS - "It's common sense"
Amber Diaz - Kansas City, KS - "Allowing residents to keep hens in their backyards provides a reliable, affordable outlet for nutritious food "
rebecca hernandez - kansas city, KS
Vickie Perkins - Kansas City, Kansas - "I support the legalization of hens in Wy Co."
Irene Skeehan - Kansas City, KS - "Do it!!"
Therese Steiner - Kansas City, KS
vicki lichtenauer - KC, KS
Jason Simmons - Kansas CIty, KS
Ben Alexander - Kansas City, KS - "A well-drafted ordinance would allow for hens (not roosters) in urban lots without causing complaints from affected neighbors. Consider adding a provision about the disposal of manure and prevention of contaminated runoff. Urban chickens should not be a burden to neighbors, but should be as easy as possible."
Gretchen Patch - Kansas City, KS
Gary Simmons - Kansas City, KS
Thomas Alonzo - Kansas City, KS
Melisa Mesa - Kansas City, KS
Rachael Fratzel - Kansas City, KS
tony kariuki - kansas city, KS - "I support this petition drive as am interested in keeping hens in my backyard. I wwould be able to use them to get rid of bugs instead of using insecticide. "
Karen Bleier - Kansas City, KS
Thomas Pastine - Kansas city, KS
Victor Aguilar - Kansas City, KS
crystal larkin - kansas city, KS - "A well maintained chicken coop is beneficial to any neighborhood. They provide fresh nutritional eggs, and help cut down on pests. If more homes had coops there would be far fewer ticks and mosquitos."
Ashley Peaches - Kansas City, KS - "This initiative would be a huge improvement for our city."
Clay Jarratt - Kansas City, KS
Tresa McAlhaney - Bonner Springs, KS
Marge Gasnick - Kansas City, KS - "It is both feasible and desirable to offer something like this in Wyandotte County."
Marcia Gonzales - Kansas City, KS
jackie kirkpatrick - Kansas City, KS - "great idea"
Gillis Johnson - Kansas City, KS - "I think 6 hens and 1 rooster is about right"
Eric Jaeger - Kansas City, KS
Marie Jean Jaeger - Kansas City, KS
Antoinette Ferguson - Kansas City, KS
Matt Walterbach - Kansas City, KS
Gail O'Connor - Kansas City, KS
Donna Maskil-Thompson - Kansas City, KS - "Unmodified chickens and their eggs are better for everyone and safer than store bought eggs"
lynnette maupin - kansas city, KS - "Fresh eggs are healthier "
Angela Jones - Kansas City, KS
Paula Campbell - Bonner Springs, KS
Justus Welker - Kansas City, KS
Sofie Alexander - Kansas City, KS
jud knapp - Kansas city, KS
Susan Welker - Kansas City, KS
Steve Neal - Kansas City, KS
Lucy Choma - Kansas City, KS
Laura Welker - Kansas City, KS
rich Shockey - Kansas city, KS
Katherine Lomax - Kansas City, KS
Jim Porter - kansas, KS
william lofton - kc, KS
Adam Byers - Kansas City, KS
Mary Jo Downey - Kansas City, KS - "Please alter your present code Ordinance 0-22-03 to allow more chickens to be kept within the city limit of KCK. Thank you. Sr.Mary Jo Downey"
Robyn Stevens - Bonner Springs, KS - "I would love to have even two hens! Fresh eggs and fertilizer for my garden would be fantastic!"
Chandra DeMaria - Kansas City, KS
Deana Logan - Kansas City, KS
Charlotte Willenborg - Kansas City, KS
Angela Roberts - Kansas city, KS
Jean Pitchford - Kansas City, KS - "I have had neighbors that have chickens, also horses. "
Lynn Baxley - Kansas City, KS - "We bemoan the fact that our population is unhealthy, our kids obese. What better way to promote good health than promoting healthy local food?! UG should be finding ways to promote this - not put obstacles in the way."
Ashley Warrell - Kansas City, KS
Mollie Gunnoe - Kansas City, KS
Billy Brame - Kansas City, KS
William Brame - Kansas City, KS
Keri Worley - Bonner Springs, KS
James Worley - Bonner Springs, KS
Donnis Beadleston - Kansas City, KS - "I think it should be totally allowed."
Kaitlyn Roudybush - Kansas city, KS
David Brock - Kansas City, KS
Jetaime Taylor - Kansas City, KS - "I fully support hens in our community. "
Lindsey guenther - kansas city, KS - "I would love to be able to give my family fresh eggs and healthy chicken"
Caitlin Linscheid - KC, KS
Susan Welsh - Kansas Coty, KS
John Welsh - Kansas City, KS
lauren symmonds - Kansas city, KS - "I am interested in keeping hens. I think a limit of 5 or something would be appropriate. Several other nearby communities in Missouri and I believe leawood, among others, allow hens. Wyandotte county needs to become current. "
Ben Barreth - Kansas City, KS
Eric Smith - Kansas City, KS
Rebecca Paulsen - Kansas City, KS - "I support keeping hens in WyCo/KCK. Allowing individuals and families to keep hens improves nutrition in an affordable way."
T L - Merriam, KS - "We got our hens this spring and love them! So much more pleasant than a loud barking dog! "
Jonathan Taussig - Kansas City, KS
Rebekah Taussig - Kansas City, KS
Aaron Linscheid - Kansas City, KS
Kelly Fann - Kansas City, KS
Jason Neland - Kansas City, KS
Alex Petersen - Kansas City, KS
Barbara McCReery - Kansas City, KS
Courtney Neland - Kansas City, KS - "Fresh eggs!"
Cynthia Moore-Hollinshed - Kansas City, KS
Joe Graham - KC, KS - "Legalize 'em!"
Gary Cunliffe - Kansas City, KS
gao thao-yang - kansas city, KS
larry stark - kc, KS - "Chickens are great pets and I love fresh eggs."
Brett Shoffner - Kansas City, KS - "Kansas is agriculture. Chickens are food. Amazing that they were outlawed to begin with."
Linda Mawby - Kansas City, KS
Vicki Berney - Kansas City, KS - "Not only hens, but also other small livestock such as mini-equines and mini goats. My plan is/was to have one or possibly two miniature horses or mules to mow my lawn, provide fertilizer for a vegetable garden, and be a companion now that I have aged out of owning full sized horses. Equines are wonderful companions, and healthy & useful as well as "Green." PLEASE DO THIS"
Brooke Rodriguez - Kansas City, KS
sean fay - kansas city, KS
Brandon Hidaka - Westwood, KS - "I live right on the edge of Johnson County. I would love to see more chickens in WyCo, where I go to school. We must reclaim our food system for our health."
Kyle Sciolaro - Westwood, KS
Chris Kuzila - Kansas City, KS
Jeannette Schafer - Kansas City, KS - "I support this petition. Having a few hens in the backyard is a great resource for food and natural fertilizer to grow fresh vegetables."
Christina Commerford - Overland Park, KS - "It is so impractical to disallow people to raise their own food. Hens are quieter and cheaper than dogs (and people, for that matter) and they give back!"
Janet Winkler - Kansas City, KS - "Backyard chickens are a fun , harmless way to improve health of Urban citizens, goes hand in hand with backyard gardens."
Susan Alig - Kansas City, KS - "Allowing Kansas City residents to keep chickens would give us more control over our own food and allow us to reap the health benefits of healthy homegrown eggs, natural pest control, and healthy, fertile soil. My family and our community would benefit directly from hens for these reasons."
Ashley Robertson - Overland Park, KS
Sam Dux - Kansas City, KS
Rachel Hall - Kansas City, KS - "It's something that we need to have in our neighborhood for ourselves and the rest of our neighbors. "
Virginia Zetmeir - Kansas City, KS
Loren Martin - Overland Park, KS
Astrid Mier y Teran - kansas city, KS - "Hens are noiseless and easy to maintain, and taste a hell of a lot better than store bought hormone grown poultry."
Sarah Tuttle - Wichita, KS
Maret Miller - Shawnee Mission, KS
Blaire Hines - Kansas city, KS
kristin rolf - Leawood, KS
Marc Miller - Shawnee Mission, KS - "A friend builds coops with wheels that you move around your yard, a light keeps them warm in the winter. No high cocentration of smell, as the natural fertilzer is spread all around. Should be a limit, I grew up near a chicken farm and pu, but I support the right to bare chickens! "
lauren spacek - leavenworth, KS - "chickens for everyone who can have them."
Susannah Pauley - Kansas City, KS
Zach Flanders - Kansas City, KS - "As an urban planner and resident of Kansas City Kansas, I support this initiative. Hens produce less waste and noise than the average family dog and provide a healthy and affordable food source for Wyandotte County families."
stephanie petralie - kansas city, KS
Leah Jordan - Leawood, KS - "A great ordinance to adopt."
Rachel Seymour - Kansas City, KS
Michael Middleton - KANSAS CITY, KS
Jennifer Schmitz - Kansas City, KS - "My low income family of six would greatly benefit from cooping just a few hens for eggs."
Kate DeClue - kansas city, KS
Heather Mellott - bonner springs, KS
kim modrell - edwardsville, KS
Angela Kroeger - Overland Park, KS
Desirae Vickers - kansas City, KS - "I cant express the amount of benefits that come with owning and raising chickens. Please change these ordinance's."
David Bennett - Kansas City, KS - "It's a free country."
Karen Allen - Kansas City, KS - "I would love to be able to keep a few hens on my property so that I could save some money on eggs. and also for teaching my grandchildren."
susan white - kansas city, KS - "Residents of KCK should be allowed to have hens in their backyards."
sameer khanzada - kansas city, KS
john mcgrain - kc, KS
john cook - kansas city, KS
polly williams - edwardsville, KS
Glenda Williams - kansas city, KS - "I believe chickens bring joy and peace and are good for the neighborhood. Every body loves seeing them."
Sandy Diaz - Kansas City, KS - "Change chicken laws in wyandotte county to allow citizens to own backyard hens!"
Natasha Derakhshanian - Kansas City, KS - "Chickens in the Dot! The city is the recipient of a major federal grant about healthy and sustainable gardening and eating and this is perfectly inline with our goals to be a healthy, sustainable community! "
Megan Channell - Kansas City, KS
Russell Thorpe - Kansas City, KS - "I would love to be able to raise my own hens and would take all necessary steps to build a secure and hygenic enclosure. "
Brooke Bousman - Kansas City , KS
Jared McDonald - Kansas City, KS - "My neighbors can illegally keep roosters, so why can't I have hens? "
Robert Newton - Kansas city, KS
Allison Gile - Kansas City, KS - "I would love to be able to keep hens in my back yard. We have a large family of 6, so this will help with cost of eggs for us. We also have a decent garden, and would love to have immediate access to fertlizer. It also would teach our children how to care for animals and our environment. Win-win situation if you ask me. "
deja daniels - kansas city, KS
Shannon Lindsey - Bonner Springs , KS - "We have 4-5 acres of land in the woods we love Fresh eggs and by raising our own we wouldn't have to buy them."
john cook - Kansas city, KS
Jeannie Dunnam - kansas city, KS
Nichelle Barton - Kansas City, KS