Change KS 21-3402

Change sentencing on Second Degree Murder to equal First Degree Murder as an off grid sentence

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The State of Kansas needs to change the punishment guidelines for second degree murder to an off grid felony, as it is on first degree murder.


KS 21-3402 states that if a defendant commits second degree murder and has no criminal history whatsoever, the maximum sentence they could receive is 109 months to 165 months. This needs to be changed. Murder in the State of Kansas no matter what should be considered an off grid crime and the consequences should be more severe. I am not speaking to voluntary or involuntary manslaughter, but first or second degree murder. If a defendant has no criminal history and is convicted of second degree murder, he could be out in as little as 10.5 years and with good time credit may only serve 8.5 years for taking a life. This needs to be changed. We don't want a criminal back out on the streets after having served an 8 year sentence committing the same crime again. In other states, the sentence is the same for first or second degree murder. I say 50 years to life in prison, but at least a minimum of 25 years.